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We offer a variety of services and parts for the Buick Grand National.

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Let ArizonaGN work with you to build your new engine, using:
Stock block (3.8L)
4.1L block
TA Performance aluminum block –
We have done hundreds of Buick engines including stock, stage, and aluminum blocks with great success. Customized iron and aluminum heads are also available for street and race applications.
Interested in a Buick 3.8 Turbo Engine?
This is the place where you need to know your goal and then we can assist you in making the best combination for you. Race versions, street versions, and your budget have to be considered when making engine decisions. Please keep in mind that the customer is to provide the engine for the rebuild and engine parts are available AT AN ADDITIONAL COST. A rebuild cost does not include crank, rods, front cover, oil pan, gaskets, etc.
ArizonaGN works closely with Zimmerman Racing Engines (Phoenix) to build your engine using the latest technology, to include:
-Flow bench
-Porting machines



These headers are produced by TA Performance with research and development by ArizonaGN and are based upon a proven, unique design that has been used successfully for over six years. It is a high-quality unit, made by a leading manufacturer who has produced many types of headers and has been in the industry for years. The pipes have been specially designed and made to optimize flow with large radius bends and smooth transition joints to enhance Turbo Buicks. This custom design also aids flow at high RPM’s.

There are 3 versions of the stainless steel TA headers, one is a stock replacement which have design and production changes for better flow and reliability. The performance version is a refined design for optimum flow and velocity for higher HP builds. This set uses band clamps on the crossover connections to provide a more positive seal. The performance set is also available for 4-bolt turbos. The flanges on all TA headers are laser cut to fit either 8-bolt or 14-bolt heads.

Installation has been made simple and easy, each bolt can be easily accessed. The header pipes do not hinder spark plug access. Access to re-torquing headbolts or studs is available with slight modifications to the gasket.

On a GN with factory A/C, a 3-1/2″ THDP can easily be used with no modifications required to car or pipe.

Crossover pipe is 2 pieces with a unique, leak proof slip joint [pat. pending].

The slip joint allows adjustment for differences in type of heads and engine machining. The crossover will clear block girdles and mini-starters. The crossover to header flanges are CNC machined and both tapered for a very tight fit. The pipe/header joint has an overlap fit into the header. A gasket can be used if desired.

These headers will be sold as a complete kit, Header flange gaskets and a turbo flange gasket will be included. All hardware, clamps and stud kits will be part of the package.

The 4-bolt is offered only in stainless steel and includes a waste-gate stub pipe welded in before the turbo flange.



Downpipes available for Turbo Regal and Turbo Trans Am. 

Our downpipes are all stainless steel construction for optimum performance and reliability.

We stock 3″ downpipes to fit 1986-7 turbo Regals and also have 3″ test and dump pipes available with a 4-bolt flange as a option.

We also make a Turbo TA downpipe, contact us for more details.

Custom downpipes can be made to customer specs including those for 4-bolt turbos which require a band clamp attachment.

Contact us for your specific requirements to fit custom applications.


Fuel System

DeatschWerks is a company dedicated to providing application specific, high-performance fuel systems solutions for vehicles around the globe.

  300+ LPH High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump

Introducing the highest flowing in-tank pump yet. Surpassing the competition 300LPH at a time.

  • Flows 300+ litres per hour

  • In-tank application specific fitment

  • Ethanol compatible

  • 3-year no-fault warranty

  • Quiet and reliable turbine impeller

  • All pumps are individually tested prior to shipping

Universal pump kit includes:

  • 2″x2″ sock

  • Electrical connector

  • 4″ of fuel line

  • Miscellaneous hardware

Price per unit (kit): $169.00 + shipping


Oil Filtration


  • Up to 7 Times more oil flow than paper filters

  • Reduces Bypass Operation

  • Provides Faster Oil Pressure at Startup

  • Reduces Oil Pump Drag for HP Gains

  • Magnetic Pre-Filtering

Possibly the last oil filter you’ll ever buy…

K&P Engineering has set the industry standard with technological advancements and product design:

  • Made from medical grade type 304 stainless steel

  • Micronic filter cloth to provide unmatched protection


transmission pans.jpg

Transmission Pans

Transmission pans are not limited to just your Turbo Buick!  Call or e-mail us for pricing on almost all cars and trucks!

This bolt-on deep transmission pan is made from cast aluminum and designed with cooling fins to dissipate heat quicker. Cast aluminum pans hold approximately 2 to 4 extra quarts of fluid, thereby reducing operating temperatures and increasing transmission life.

These pans also increase transmission case rigidity, allowing more torsion twist capacity.​

  • All necessary hardware is included (including filter extensions).

  • No modifications are necessary.

  • Increased fluid capacity by approximately 2-4 quarts depending on application.

  • Can use 700r4 filter with some modification call or email for details.

transmission converters.jpg

Transmission Converters

$350.00 (plus an additional $50 core charge for useable D-5 converter)

Our 3000 RPM stall 12″ lock-up converter has been used in many of our low 11 second cars as well as 12 and 13 second street drivers.  No downside on a mild or street performer and capable of excellent performance and long-lasting durability. One year unconditional warranty.

The developments of the above products were especially developed by ArizonaGN to meet specific Turbo Buick needs.  We have many other parts available, so please contact us with your specific build needs.

Changing the Tire

Radiator Cooling System Treatment

We proudly offer RMI-25 Cooling System Treatment

One (1)- 8oz. bottle treats one vehicle/ radiator.

Purchase option- Two (2)- 8oz bottles for $28 shipped

radiator g body.jpg

Vintage Air G Body AC Kit

The Vintage Air AC kit for your G body is the ultimate in function and style. This kit will give non-AC cars the interior comfort you desire and will give the hardcore perfectionists the ability to clean up that engine compartment.

Complete under-dash (Gen IV) Vintage Air kit for Turbo Regal applications: $2,200

Cowl plate: $150

Other G body Applications: Kits are also available for any ’78-’88 G-body application. Call for quote/ assistance.

Installation Available in Phoenix: Contact for details


Modified Stock Location Intercooler

ArizonaGN offers a slightly modified stock location intercooler affectionately known as the “Nick Neck”. This intercooler starts life as a stock intercooler from an ’86-’87 Turbo Regal, the neck is then modified by increasing the tube diameter and straightening the flow of air out of the turbo in to the intercooler.
This type of intercooler is a good upgrade from a stock intercooler offering a small gain in performance and can act as a “go-between” until such time as a PTE SLIC or front mount IC would be appropriate. This is also a good option if the owner wants to retain the stock look but increase performance slightly.
This intercooler is typically in stock and available for immediate purchase. Adapter hose needed for installation is included, other stock hardware, tubing, connectors, etc. are reused.
(Pictures show modified area of intercooler. All units shipped are all black.)
Price- $275 (acceptable core required)

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