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Modified Stock Location Intercooler

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ArizonaGN offers a slightly modified stock location intercooler affectionately known as the “Nick Neck”. This intercooler starts life as a stock intercooler from an ’86-’87 Turbo Regal, the neck is then modified by increasing the tube diameter and straightening the flow of air out of the turbo in to the intercooler.
This type of intercooler is a good upgrade from a stock intercooler offering a small gain in performance and can act as a “go-between” until such time as a PTE SLIC or front mount IC would be appropriate. This is also a good option if the owner wants to retain the stock look but increase performance slightly.
This intercooler is typically in stock and available for immediate purchase. Adapter hose needed for installation is included, other stock hardware, tubing, connectors, etc. are reused.
(Pictures show modified area of intercooler. All units shipped are all black.)
Price- $275 (acceptable core required)

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